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Princeton Plasma Physics Lab QPS Project

QPS - an Experiment to Explore the Quasi-Poloidal Approach to Compact Stellarators. JP Pattern was contracted by the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Energy to determine feasibility and construction of a single casting. This casting was one type of segment needed to produce the necessary magnetic containment shell.

QPS CADFirst, JP Pattern refined the CAD model of the desired part for metal casting. Features were added to ease castings dimensional inspection and to allow for machinability.

QPS mold animationDuring the design phase is was determined that a machined sand mold would be the approach used to develop the metal casting. The finish casting would weight in excess of 5500 lbs.

sand mold componentsSand mold components were machined with a 5-axis router type machine. Each components was verified for accuracy with a ROMER portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM).

magnetic permeabilityAfter meticulous planning and preparation the end result was a good casting that did meet qualification for metal integrity and magnetic permeability.

More information on this project can be found at the QPS project home page. (http://qps.fed.ornl.gov)