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Prototyping is an effective tool for verification and often leads to other discoveries. With proper guidance, investing in prototype models or tooling will usually reduce or eliminate design corrections and changes to production tooling equipment. This results in an overall time and cost savings. Prototype models can be used as a communications tool used to link engineering, toolmakers and other manufacturing personnel together. Each phase of the manufacturing process can discuss product features, anticipate production problems and discuss solutions prior to capital expenditures on high cost production tooling equipment.

JP Pattern has experience with various industries and different manufacturing techniques that can help you plan and implement an effective prototyping program for your existing or upcoming project.

Contact us to discuss some of the methods available to help you select a cost-effective solution.

Urethane Castings from Rubber Molds

Rubber Molding

RTV or rubber molding is a molding process typically used to simulate plastic injection molding.
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Machined Plastic and Metal Prototype Parts


Machining parts for prototyping is usually the most accurate method available.
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Prototype Tooling


Deciding when to move forward with tooling is a calculated decision. Sometimes prototype parts to not expose the difficulties associated with the manufacturing of your parts.
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