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Model Work

Creating models from your product can be an effective way to exhibit the benefits your product brings to the marketplace.  They can be a scale replicas, a highlighted section of the product to underscore the main features of your product, or full scale model used for training sales or maintenance professionals. Such models can often have multiple uses, for example a training model could possibly be also uses as a display model for trade show centerpiece. Model for sales professionals can be a great conversation piece to get your sales professionals in the door of your potential customers. Models for litigation services are effective tools to demonstrate the differences between products in intellectual property disputes or to show problem areas in malpractice cases. When discussing your product and having the physical part is not possible or when the features of your product need to be made visible, having a model of your part from JP Pattern may be the way go.

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Models for Trade Shows, Display and Sales Presentations

Display and Sales Models

Your sales can be equipped with the tools that clearly separates you from your competition.

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Models for Malpractice and Intellecutal Property Ligitation

Models for Litigation

Having a 3-dimensional model leaves nothing for interpretation.

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Models for Training of Sales and Maintenance Staff

Models for Training

Models for training can be an effective solution to education support staff about your product

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