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Investment (Lost-Wax) Molds

One of our specialties here at JP Pattern is our ability to design and build investment dies or lost wax dies.

Propeller Lost-Wax DieWith over 25 year of experience with investment mold tooling, we are able to produce high quality molds that will perform in our customers environment. We are experienced with both manual and automatic production lost wax mold tooling

Multible Slide Lost-Wax Mold

Since our capabilities are diverse, JP Pattern is often able to combine methods used in other processes and apply them to the lost-wax casting process. Our comprehensive in-house tool design, results in tooling that is as unique as the geometry that defines it.

For more investment die and investment mold samples please visit our Portfolio page.

Investment Mold - JP Pattern, Inc.
Single Propeller Blade Investment Die