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JP Pattern Capabilities

Meeting the demands of our customers has taken us down some interesting paths.  In order to tackle the complex geometry and design the tooling to manufacture it, expertise with other technologies has to be obtained.  Our mastery with CAD modeling, machining and assembly fixtures, and reverse engineering compliment our overall capabilites to serve our customer's needs.

If your projects require more then just the ordinary machining or tooling services contact us to better see how we can serve your needs.

UW Torsitron Stellarator

CAD Modeling

A byproduct of our approach to tool design and build has given us the ability to create complex part models ready for the manufacturing process.

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Princeton Plasma Physics Lab QPS


With a diverse customer base we have been able to gain experience with machining and assembly fixtures that support other manufacturing processes.

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Milwaukee Artificial Heart

Reverse Engineering

With the ROMER technology JP Pattern has the equipment to create CAD geometry from your physical parts or models.

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